~Schedule in progress – check back for updates!~

Day 1 | Thursday, February 24th

8:30 am EST /  14:30 CET / 19:00 IST

First Opening Ceremony (2hrs 15min)

With contributions from Maria Agraciada, Four Arrows, Peninah Lesorgol, Jinan KB, Daniela Brasil,

Ana Calandrelli, Satish Kumar, Andrea González Andino, Manish Jain, Vipul Rikhi and more… 

11:15 am EST  / 17:15 CET / 21:45 IST

The Re-imagining Cafe – Social Open Space (1 hr)

1:15 pm EST / 19:15 CET / 23:45 IST

Collective Journey to Re-imagining education: Creating your Inner Map

Andreea Gatman

During the practice/ workshop, we create a space for each one to bring an Inquiry for reimagining education. As with the hero’s journey, we go through different passages- we call them 11 acupuncture points. Coming closer to what we might describe as a destination, we find ourselves and more deeper questions. With that image of the destination, we sense and create bridges between (disconnected) worlds, and we hopefully bring that into our everyday practice. This will allow us individually and collectively to work on our capacity to communicate and nourish these worlds (of indigenous and academia, human and more than human etc).
“as change could happen through the almost invisible work of developing the capacity to hold/contain as many people to see things in different ways “( Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu)

Activist Scholarship: Inhabiting the Cracks of Academia

John Holloway and Andrej Grubačić

It is a conversation about how research programs for social change are exploring ethical collaborations, inhabiting and expanding the cracks of an academia dominated by neoliberalism and other systems of oppression. John and Andrej will share some insights about their experiencing tending to such spaces.

Embodying Wisdom

Zoe Valerie

A journey of movement leading to our anatomy facilitating the mental and emotional functions required to re-imagine education.

4:00 pm EST / 22:00 CET / 02:30 (25 feb) IST 

Second Opening Ceremony (2hrs)


With contributions from Yeyo Beltran, Daniela Brasil, Ana Calandrelli, Udi Mandel, 

Santos Soul, Lauren Breland and more…

6:15 pm EST / 00:15 CET / 04:45 (25 feb) IST 

The Re-imagining Cafe – Social Open Space (1 hr)
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Day 2 | Friday, February 25th

Block 1 | 12:00 - 19:15 CET

6:00 am EST / 12:00 CET / 16:30 IST 

Welcome Block 1 Day 1 
Connection + Announcements (25min)

6:30 am EST / 12:30 CET / 17:00 IST 

Indian Multiversities Alliance

Dolly Rateshwar, Medha Medha, Abishek Gupta, Harsh Wardhan, Dilip Jain, and Abhijit Sinha


Connect to the Indian Regional Ecoversities Alliance Leaders and explore projects. Dharavi Dream Project, Bhaktiversity, NavGuruKul, Vimukt Shiksha Yatra, Indian Multiversities Alliance, DjED, and Project DEFY

Dance Movement Therapy: Learning with the Body
Shubham Srivastav

A Movement Therapy Session to recenter ourselves, remember our true essence and tune into the vibrations that exists within us.

How Conventional Schooling Shapes Our Beliefs

Alex Bretas

“Schooling Beliefs: the hetero-directed and conventional education that still lives within you” is the title of my new book, which is now both in Portuguese and in English. In this session, I’m going to share a brief presentation about the book and then host an open conversation about its content.

How to Start an Ecoversity

Manish Jain, Victoria Haro, Hermes de Sousa

8:00 am EST / 14:00 CET / 18:30 IST 

Indigenous Worldviews: Rebalancing Life Systems via Education

Four Arrows

How metacognitive and complementary worldview reflection engaging the dominant and Indigenous worldviews coupled with trance-based self transformation is our most fundamental requirement for rebalancing life systems via education.

Teens and Elders – Intergenerational Connection as Foundation for Learning

Inez Aponte & Valentina Raman

“Connections between generations are essential for the mental health and stability of the nation.” – Margaret Mead.

At a time when young people are facing a multitude of existential challenges and need the support and guidance of the older generation, the disconnect between the generations seems to be growing.

In this session we will draw on our collective wisdom to explore:

Why is it sometimes so hard to connect across the generations?
How can we listen better to each other’s needs and in particular the needs of young people?
Where are the hidden opportunities for intergenerational connection in our day to day lives?

Embodied Ecology / Deep Encounters in Hybrid Place(s) : Schumacher College

Dr. Pavel Cenkl, Dr. Rachel Sweeney, Dr. Marie Metenier

Movement, Mind and Ecology is a Master’s program offered through Schumacher College, UK which connects communities across different geographic locations using an hybrid teaching framework that recognises the potential of transformative education across disciplines. This program aims through transdisciplinary embodied practice delivered across hybrid platforms, to connect global students across different ecological worlds through movement-based thinking and immersive encounters with the more-than-human. In the context of our global pandemic, we recognise the importance of promoting and connecting resilient learning communities mapping across bio-regions in response to distinct ecological challenges moving at different scales. This paper will reflect on how Schumacher College provides a holistic and transformative educational framework that encourages a unique intersection of embodied practice, environmental philosophy, and ecological thinking.

Kim William Gordon – AI and Adaptive Learning Technology changes everything about education
Sanjay Fernandes – How can we converse the future of education into happening? SOLE Colombia’s story
Nick Graham – Mapping System Change Education: The global online searchable catalog
Jayne Fleener – Blockchain Credentialing, Pervasive Learning and the Future of Higher Education
Francisco Morejón – Radicalizing Digital Education 

Push to Pull Learning: Why Futures Literacy Matters

Riel Miller


An open discussion centered around the role of gaining a better understanding of why and how people use-the-future for distinguishing ‘push’ and ‘pull’ learning.

9:30 am EST / 15:30 CET / 20:00 pm IST 

Re/searching the Sacred (1hr 15mins)
Bayo Akomolafe, Sophie Strand, Keri Facer, David Abram

Moderator: Amisha Ghadiali

Exploring research methods and epistemologies that honour the sacred, a panel discussion in collaboration with All That We Are (formally known as the Future is Beautiful Podcast).

The Taste of Ignorance:

Exploring the Skill of Grasping Ideas with Ease and Unknowing
Liam Kavanagh and Valerie Duvauchelle

The learning skill of our time may be to grasp ideas but with a sense of ease and unknowing. Maintaining a felt sense of integrity between our need to act and our indestructible ignorance is a skill that may have more in common with sensing just how much spice to add to a dish than with “solving a problem”. We will lead metaphor driven and literal contemplations of knowing and ignorance.

Re-Invent Education, Resignify Birth

Portuguese – English
Kwarasy Tupinambá


An open space for a discussion on how the way we are born has been influencing the way we live.

Exploring Our Inner Worlds
Ella Gregory and Bea Herbert

Bea and Ella from States of Mind enter into dialogue with us about how learning about ourselves is fundamental for showing up fully in the world. They weave together theory and personal experience to fully illustrate the expansive possibilities that self knowledge offers, rounding up the session with an embodied practice.

Responses to Climate Emergency
Sweta Daga, Zaid Hassan, Gaëll Mainguy, Lakshmi Venugopal, Victoria Haro, Lauren Hage

How should we educators be preparing young people for climate emergency? What does climate change mean for our work in education?

The Re-imagining Cafe

11:00 am EST / 17:00 CET / 21:30 IST 

The Re-imagining Cafe – Social Open Space (1 hr)

12:15 pm EST / 18:15 CET / 22:45 pm IST 


Speed Dating
Andrea Gonzalez Andino and Sierra Ying Allen

A playful and flirtatious hour of generous questions, listening and heartbeats.

Sandcastles & Systems
Eileen Walz and Naryan Wong 

A collective reimagining activity that will include looking at systems, imagining new ones, and connecting with others. 

Manish Freeman

A Virtual Game-a-thon session to laugh, play, learn, make new friends, and deeply connect with others. This will also be a good space to learn new games that can be facilitated in a digital space.

Dialogic Dialogue A Space for Deep Connection
Mihai Banulescu

Dialogic dialogue is something that’s near and dear to me, and I’ve been practicing for a while. I would love to create a space for it and share my passion for it. Dialogical dialogue is a way of relating to one another, such that we allow ourselves to be changed in the light of the wisdom of the other. It is a dialogue that is always an exploration. Its philosophical roots stem from an understanding that the other is not really other, but participates in a shared reality of which we ourselves are a part. “The thou is a source of self-understanding that I cannot assimilate from my own perspective alone…. Our participation is always partial, and reality is more than just the sum of its parts.” (From A New monasticism by Rory McEntee)

Day 2
Block 2 | 1:30 pm - 7:30 pm EST

1:30 pm EST / 19:30 CET / 00:00 IST (26 feb)

Welcome to Block 2 of Day 1
Connection + Announcements (25min)

2:00pm EST / 20:00 CET / 00:30 IST (26 feb)

Honoring the Interconnections between Land, Water, and the Human Heart

Crystal Forman, Alex Epstein, Javed Omardeen, and Shephali Patel

Growing the Next Generation of Ecological Leaders co-hosted and organized by the Global Peace Initiative of Women.

Butterfly Talks: 

Re-starting, Un-learning – Does it have to be this way?

Marcela Scarpellini – Death, Play and Mushrooms


John Duvall – Landscape of Post-Collapse Education


Fabienne Vailles – Flourishing Education


Thais Pacheco Mantovani – EcoUniversidade

Building Learning Cultures in Organizations with the Gifts of Clowning

 (2.5 hours)
Rehana Tejpar & Sukhmani Kohli

What if we could use the power of clowning to support organizations in their systems change processes? Clown and facilitator Sukhmani Kohli (Purple Mangoes, India) and facilitator of organizational change, Rehana Tejpar (Bloom Consulting, Canada) are curious to experiment at the intersections of their work, remembering the ancient role of the sacred clown in society to help us to play, see creative possibilities beyond binaries, unmask with ourselves and each other, build authentic relationships, emotional intelligence, release fear and stop taking everything so seriously! Join us for some playful, experimentation on how we can embody the wisdom of the clown in our lives and our work, and have (even a little) more fun!

Learning Journey with
Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui

(Spanish with English translation)

Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui is an Aymara/Bolivian feminist sociologist/historian/activist. She is one of the best known ‘decolonial’ thinkers in Latin America who contests the use of the term ‘decolonial’. Her scholar activism goes back to the early 1970s.

3:30 pm EST / 21:30 CET / 02:00 IST (26 feb)

Ecological Storytelling
Sophie Strand

 In an age of ecological crisis, it is important that we decenter human narratives, by pouring ourselves into more-than-human morphologies and minds. What does a romance look like when it takes lichen as its inspiration? How can pitcher plants teach us to create ecosystems rather than monologuing hero’s journeys? How can we look at underworld initiations not as a human archetype but as a deep time story of fungi teaching plants how to develop roots? What do hermit crabs have to teach us about rejecting linearity and narrative propulsion? What does it mean to look at your wounding – physical, spiritual, emotional – not as an imperative towards self-healing, but a compass directing you towards the wounding of another species or landscape?

To Sleep Comfortably in Common:

Working through and with Difference
Michelle Teran & Marc Herbst

How can we create and maintain a generative space where not everybody agrees but comfort is still nourished?
Can we recognise difference and disagreement as abundance? What is the feeling of the individual in the differentiated collective? Over the next hour,
we will retell the experience of a 24-hour long workshop, including an overnight stay in a water basin in Berlin. This workshop stems from our experiences with conflict and the potential of working through and with difference. Our proposition is based around the understanding that to sleep alongside each other is a conscious project of collective organisation

Universidades alternativas en latinoamerica: medio ambiente, comunidad y sustentabilidad


Genaro Vasquez, Manuel Antonio, Victor Lopez

(Spanish with English translation)

5:00 pm EST / 23:00 CET / 03:30 IST (26 feb)

The Sacred Art of Learning
Chévanni Beon Davids

The Sacred Art of learning is an interactive tea circle of sharing, learning, and exploring the multiple streams of learnings and unlearning, reflecting on biological, geographic, spiritual, and communal aspects of learning/unlearning. This space will be led by Chévanni sharing stories and experiences from my child self, as Founder of a Self-directed learning community and as a Parent. This space looks to hold a sense of intimate collective exploration and reflection on our perception of how learning shows up and what we can do to support and cultivate spaces and ideas of this sacred practice

Ancient Futures – Remembering Who We Really Are
Helena Norberg Hodge 

Changing the System from Within the System (1.5hr)
John Foran, Sharon Stein , Miguel Casar, Kelly Teamey, Maude Dikobe

In this panel we will hear about the actions of Practitioners that are aiming to change systems of higher education from the inside out. The research and applications of the different panelists is wide ranging and deeply overlapping.

Investigación para Rexistir y Liberar la Vida

Rita Valencia and Iracema Gavilán

(Spanish with English translation)

6:30 pm EST / 00:30 CET (26 feb) / 05:00 IST (26 feb)

The Re-imagining Cafe – Social Open Space (1 hr)

Day 3 | Saturday, February 26th

Block 1 |12:00 - 19:15pm CET

6:00 am EST / 12:00 CET / 16:30 IST 

Welcome Part 1 Day 2
Connection + Announcements (25min)

6:30 am EST / 12:30 CET / 17:00 IST 

Mindfulness and Enchantment

Marina Pechlivanis

Some fundamentals and a lot of practical mind & body exercises to amplify your knowledge about breathing and focusing with routines and rituals from QiGong & TaiChiChuan and also from Guide Star®, an Enlightment Matrix for Management.

Theatre of the Oppressed: An Experiential Introduction 

(3 hrs)

Vandana Asha

‘Introduction the Theatre of the Oppressed’ and it’s pedagogy. It will be an embodied session with activities and discussion.

Butterfly Talks: 

Educating the Whole Being: Mind, Body and Soul


Madhur Anand – Healing Forests
Laniece Herron – Journey to Self Love
Frederic Labarthe – Inner Focusing
Mugove Walter Nyika – Making Education More Relevant

(Regenerative) Education as a Thoroughly Practical Art – Tales from the Frontiers

Jonathon Dawson, Daniel Christian Wahl, Morag Gamble

Young Leaders Transforming Education
Quách Thanh Thiên, Adler Yang, Bechem Ayuk, Yiting Lin

8:00 am EST / 14:00 CET / 18:30 IST 

How will Young People Design and Influence the Future of Education
Erioluwa Adeyinka

Imagine young people around the world manage to stand together and create, first, little ripples of change that become waves, until eventually, we manage to create the planetary transformation we know is needed for our education. This workshop design session explores reimagination activities for participants who are interested in transforming the future of education through radical reimagination for collective liberation.

Decolonising Our Systems: 

Liberating Education

Gregory Cajete, Jinan KB, Alinah Segobye, Passy Amayo Ogolla

Moderator: Geci Karuri-Sebina, 

What is the need for decolonising education, and how can this be achieved? In this conversation, our experts will be reflecting from their research and experience on key questions such as: What is knowledge? How is it produced? How has modernity failed? And what is it in education that needs to be undone or liberated or reborn? Our young futurists in turn will engage these experts with their own experiences, yearnings and questionings.

Breath – A Decolonized Pedagogy 

(1.5 hrs) 

Kaushiek Pranoo

Demystifying the immense potential of breath as a tool for radical human transformation with reference to modern scientific and indigenous esoteric approaches, the interactive session also offers discussions, simple practical experiments and ends with a powerful experiential ceremony that draws from the yogic sciences.

Mujeres organizadas que construyen experiencias de aprendizaje para Universitarios/as

Carmen Ramos

(Spanish with English translation)

Saraleth, Margarita, Soledad, Tomasa, Eli, Laura y yo hemos trabajado por hacer experiencias de aprendizaje fuera del aula con estudiantes de la carrera de Licenciatura de Diseño Industrial de la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí. Las Mujeres de la Red se organizan para recibir a los estudiantes y enseñar sus oficios, para que aprendan de las maestras artesanas, productoras de alimentos, cocineras tradicionales.

Las y los estudiantes, aprenden del oficio y enseñan a diseñar nuevos productos.

Se genera un intercambio, se organiza de manera que las mujeres reivindican sus saberes y se posicionan como Maestras.

De esta manera se valora el saber ancestral y el cuidado a nuestra Madre Tierra.

9:30 am EST / 15:30 CET / 20:00 IST 

Creating a University Dedicated to Reclaiming Our Relationship to Food

Shruti Tharayil

A vision to create a food university – the session will invite practitioners to share their experiences, questions around starting a food university

Ecologies of Attention

(1.5 hours)

Foresta Collective

Sharing Foresta Collective methodologies we work with – the 4 key elements of our work:

*Embodied Culture

*Thinking through Making

*Reconnection with Nature

*Collective Practice

and how these are the roots of our Seasonal Academy, Dojo and Foresta Kids. The format will involve both speaking + immersive experience, practice.

Butterfly Talks:

Changing our thinking, Changing our Systems (1hr) 

Xuramitra Peter Park – Adapting Monasticism for the 21st Century Education

Emilio Fantin – States of Conciousness

Naryan Wong – Teaching in Fractals – Using the Tiny Systems in our Lives to Learn the Skills of Global Change

Rehana Tejpar – Re-Imagining Work for Awakened Leadership and Systems Change

Initiation Based Learning Path

Vera Franco

Shifting the context from Education to Initiation – Creating Gaian Initiation Centres and Bridge Houses that deliver authentic adulthood initiatory processes as a way of growing adults in radical responsibility, and co-creating Next Culture by delivering extraordinary non material value in the world.

11:00am EST / 17:00 CET / 21:30 IST

The Re-imagining Cafe – Social Open Space (1 hr)

12:15pm EST / 18:15 CET / 22:45 IST

Playground (Part 2)

Speed Dating

Andrea Gonzalez Andino and Sierra Ying Allen

A playful and flirtatious hour of generous questions, listening and heartbeats.

Sandcastles and Systems

Eileen Walz and Narayan Wong 

A collective reimagining activity that will include looking at systems, imagining new ones, and connecting with others.


Manish Freeman 

A Virtual Game-a-thon session to laugh, play, learn, make new friends, and deeply connect with others. This will also be a good space to learn new games that can be facilitated in a digital space.

Dialogic Dialogue A Space for Deep Connection

Mihai Banulescu 

Dialogic dialogue is something that’s near and dear to me, and I’ve been practicing for a while. I would love to create a space for it and share my passion for it. Dialogical dialogue is a way of relating to one another, such that we allow ourselves to be changed in the light of the wisdom of the other. It is a dialogue that is always an exploration. Its philosophical roots stem from an understanding that the other is not really other, but participates in a shared reality of which we ourselves are a part. “The thou is a source of self-understanding that I cannot assimilate from my own perspective alone…. Our participation is always partial, and reality is more than just the sum of its parts.” (From A New monasticism by Rory McEntee)

Day 3
Block 2 |1:30pm - 7:30pm EST

1:30pm EST / 19:30 CET / 00:00 IST (Feb 27)

Welcome Part 2 (Day 2)
Connection, Energizer + Announcements (25min)

2:00pm EST / 20:00 CET / 00:30 IST (Feb 27)

Rio Abierto: Accessing Our True Potential 

(1.5 hours)

Ana Calandrelli

The session will have brief speaking and an embodied activity (bring comfortable clothes and bare feet) the aim of Rio Abierto is to access our full potential, get in touch with our inner self right through our personality masks which, though useful, limit us when we believe we are them. Our Being is infinite, we can dive deep into ourselves and get in touch with the universal energy which deploys wisdom as it flows and unites us all. After the practice we’ll briefly share experiences.

“The Story of Boxville” 

Documentary Screening and Q&A

Justine McConville and Maia Laperle

A screening of the documentary made at the end of 2019 called “The Story of Boxville.” It is a story about a child-centered community that emerged at my school through playing with cardboard boxes and the drama that unfurled. The film is about 20 minutes long, allowing time for a Q&A. The film is a celebration of play and learning and community and self-directed education.

Within or Beyond the University? Experiences in Alternative Higher Education 


Udi Mandel, Gunther Dietz, Tristan Mccowan, Diana de Paula Pellegrini, Elie Ghanem, Antônio Fernandes Góes Neto, Gerardo López-Amaro, Kelly Teamey, Sônia Fátima Schwendler, Aline Nunes dos Santos, Roxana Pey Tumanoff, Francisco Durán del Fierro

Launching a special edition of the Brazilian journal Educação & Realidadeon with the theme of, Within or beyond the university? Experiences in alternative higher education. This will be an informal conversation with the authors and dsisscuants as well as Q&A/dialogue with session attendees.

Learning to Be – UNlightenment and ART towards Liberatory Education 

Kate Morales, Marc Herbst, Sevine Clarey & RJ Williams

Kate Morales – UNlightenment: Using visual writing systems for decolonial thinking

Marc Herbst – Being, being together somehow, and knowing.

Sevine Clarey, RJ Williams  – Taking Liberation Online: Lessons Learned from a year of bluelight academy

Butterfly Talks:

Community Based Learning

(1hr 15mins) 

Diken Patel, Lauren Breland, Peninah Lesorogol, Cynthia Tina, and Roy Karp

Diken Patel – Swaraj Jail University

Lauren Breland – Carefully Canvassing Communities for Effective Exchange

Peninah Lesorogol – Women and Community empowerment

Cynthia Tina – Education in Intentional Communities | cohousing, ecovillages, and more!

Roy Karp – Community Building Through Bookstore

3:30pm EST / 21:30 CET / 02:00 IST (Feb 27th)

Thriving Life Paradigm with Joy as Our Compass

Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe)

Pagan Slut: Queering, Spirituality, Altars, Art, Prayer, Devotion Unpanel

Yeyo Beltran, Andrea González Andino, Alnoor Ladha, Natali Laurini

(Spanish – English)

Come to explore new ways to express and practice communion with the sacred. Listen to some personal stories of self-directed rituals, perspectives, and practices that show unique and radical ways to worship life, love, nature, and what is somehow miscalled, god. This un panel was curated and will be hosted by the not-famous at all, Pagan Slut!

Spiritual Formation as Education 

(1.5 hours) 

Daniel Wolpert

Exploring the difference between ‘education’ (as defined in the West) and formation (as defined by an embodied set of habits and practices). 

5:00 pm EST / 23:00 CET / 03:30 IST (Feb 27)

Regenerative Cultures: 

Sovereignty, Stewardship & Design

Edgardo Garcia, Pramod Parajuli, Joe Brewer, Thais Mantovani

In this panel we will explore the intersectionality between food soveirgnty, autonomy and solidarity. Through the panelists direct experiences and insights we will hear about how they are enabling more regenerative cultures through intentional design oriented towards reconnecting to source.

Mythic Storytelling


Darren Silver

The focus of this session is a mythic storytelling, and discussion with participants. The themes presented in the mythic story include, soul, wildness, initiation, rites of passage, and much more.

Building Bridges: 

Learning through Conflict, Healing and Trauma

Shilpa Jain

Where are you struggling with conflicts? How are traumas getting in the way of your reimagining of education? Join us as we make space to slow down together and connect, to build bridges within ourselves and each other, so as to co-create more possibilities for our collective paths forward.

Butterfly Talks:

Pedagogies of Care 

Komal Shah, Juliana Machado, Steven England

Jelena Vasic – Metamorphosis Movement: Transformative and Embodied Education

Komal Shah  – Raise Your Hand: A Call for Consciousness in Education

Juliana Machado – Learning as a Healing Journey

Steven England – The Wellness of Being within Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC)

6:30pm EST / 00:30 CET (Feb 27) / 05:00 IST (Feb 27)

The Re-imagining Cafe – Social Open Space (1 hr)

Day 4 | Sunday, February 27th

Final Block |12:00 - 19:15 CET

6:00am EST / 12:00 CET / 16:30 IST

Welcome – Final Block Day 3
Connection, Energizer + Announcements (25min)

6:30am EST / 12:30 CET / 17:00 IST

Bodies as Place: Eco-Somatics in the Classroom 

(1.5 hrs)

Sarah Elisa Kelly 

This session will explore orienting to place through the body. It will the offer an example of the ways in which attention can be cultivated and practised within a classroom setting through simple neuro-sensory exercises and invitations.

(Re)Inspiring Encounters: Clownery and Dialogue

(1.5 Hours)

(Portuguese – English Translations)

Maria Agraciada, Anna Terra, Kwarasy Tupinambá, Arassary Xohã Pataxó, Ananda Luz, Leene de Souza, Aline Catarina 

Uma vivência para repensar como queremos aprender, a começar por nós mesmos, por nossas conexões, com nossas inquietudes, nosso sorriso, nossa respiração. Um encontro para mexer o corpo e a mente através da palhaçaria, diálogo e encontro com saberes ancestrais dos povos originários Pataxó e Tupinambá. Um grupo de 7 seres humanos oferecendo um momento de brincadeira e diversão!



An experience to rethink how we want to learn, starting with ourselves, with our connections, with our restlessness, our smile, our breath. An encounter to move body and mind through clowning, dialogue and encounter with ancestral knowledge of the Pataxó and Tupinambá native peoples. A group of 7 human beings offering a moment of play and fun!

Addressing Climate Change: Inner and Outer Transformations

Lakshmi Venugopal, Abhayraj Naik 

Confronting climate change from the inside and out. This session will explore the relationship between inner and outer transformations, and the impact they have on the worlds around us.

How to Start an Ecoversity

Manish Jain

Youth Led Panel: What is higher education for me? What are my options and what would I like them to be? 

Nefeli Valerie, Ciaran Hraklhs Macqueen, Kyle Angelos McQueen

What is higher education for me?
What are my options and what would I like them to be? –
We are going to discuss higher education. How it is and how it could be. We will share our view and perspective and then open the conversation to everyone. The point of this panel is for you to get an idea of our side and also for you to see how Greece educates its youth.

8:00am EST / 14:00 CET /  18:30 IST

From Word to the World: Exploring the Impact of Literacy on our Consciousness 

(1.5 hours)
Jinan KB 

Literates learn the WORD, where as illiterates learn the WORLD. We, literates have been shaped by the written word and that is how we became rational, disembodied, linear, fragmented and compartmentalized. Children are born to make sense of the world autonomously and modernity totally destroys this and equip us for cognitive labor. Learning about and from children is the only way out of the traps of modernity. But what prevents us from understanding children?

Ancestral Futurism

Daniela Brasil & Peninah Lesorgo

Ancestral Futurism operates in the ambivalence of nsynchronicity, between the realm of the sacred and speculative fabulation. A collective journey to investigate, situate and entangle our (unknown) biographies and (untold) stories. Which cultures do we come from, which cultures do we live in, which cultures do we co-create together? This session is an invitation to co-create voicing exercises, collective rituals that explores self-awareness and the ways we can express it artistically – towards expanded forms and temporalities of being and belonging.

Contextualizing the Kali Yuga

Alnoor Ladha 

In this discussion, political strategist and organizer Alnoor Ladha will introduce seven premises for contemplation about the Kali Yuga, this current moment in our civilizational history (you could replace Kali Yuga with the Anthropocene). The aim is to create a space for collective sense-making in order for us to be more contextual sensitivity and therefore contextual relevant in times of collapse. There will also be an open Q+A discussion.

9:30am EST / 15:30 CET / 20:00 IST

Deep Connections: Local Resilience, Global Solidarity

Che-vanni Davids, Aerin Dunford, Bianca Suyama, Adler Yang

11:15am EST / 17:15 CET /  21:45 IST

Closing Ceremony & Carnival (2hrs)