How do we reframe and sustain learning environments that honour diverse knowledge ecologies and cosmologies in a rapidly changing world?

 The Re-imagining Education Conference (REC) is a place to be inspired, build relationships, and tap into deep imagination around what learning can be. Together we are re-imagining and embodying a new form of higher education. 


We host an annual 4-day conference once year and micro-conferences throughout the year with & through the Ecoversities Alliance, a web of learners and communities from a plurality of worldviews, backgrounds and experiences.

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The Re-imagining Education Conference in February 2022 brought together

over 800 people, 140 contributors, and 50 organizations from 6 continents. 


We asked ourselves, how can we move from reimagining to building anew? 

What do these times ask of us as educators and allies of youth and young adults?



How can we mutually reinforce our capacities to take direct action, build coalitions, and become more effective 

in transforming education (eco)systems as we are living in a critical moment and there is no Planet B?


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This conference is held in the spirit of the gift and of abundance. This means that all contributions, monetary or otherwise, are appreciated and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

Learn more about gift culture.



We invite your whole self to participate and will have sessions throughout the day that focus on movement, art, and somatic experiencing.

REC Contributors

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We welcome you to this gathering of pedagogues, visionaries, activists, researchers and co-creators for an emergent experiment in collective learning in service of life and care for the planet.



We hold intentionality around emergence and openness to the ideas, actions and connections that will unfold at this unique gathering of hearts and minds. 



Learning is enhanced when we bring people together from different worldviews, generations, territories and languages. We can broaden our own ways of knowing by seeing what is reflected to us in mirrors we’ve never looked in. 


As we question, research, and nourish our imaginations, let’s continue to walk, weave, play, co-create, and become 

what we dream of.

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